Work Injuries

Nordquist Chiropractic | Treating Work Injuries

Nordquist Chiropractic is a team of skilled chiropractors working to get you back to living your life happy and healthy. Our team of experts believes in treating the whole body, not just helping one area of it.
At Nordquist Chiropractic, we are committed to keeping your spine in proper alignment and reducing pain.

Treating Long-Term Injuries

If you have been feeling pain for a sustained period of time, then come see us for an initial consultation. Our experts can assess your injury and provide chiropractic care to help heal what’s hurting. Our medical professionals will help you not only with medical care, but will also make sure that you claim stays open until you are healthy again!

Work Injuries Treated

Whether you work in the construction industry or you are a professional athlete, many injuries are often sustained while at work, one way or another. Here at Nordquist Chiropractic, our chiropractors specialize in treating work-related injuries to areas such as your wrist, hand, hip, lower back or leg.

Work Injuries


Nordquist Chiropractic specializes in treating injuries to your extremities and core. They can help get you back on your feet and back to your regular life!

Injuries that we treat

We provide treatment for a variety of injuries that you may have sustained. These include:

Wrist or hand injury

Hip pain stemming from sitting for too long or lifting something incorrectly

And much more!

The tolls of everyday life
Many of these injuries can be prevented with exercise and proper body care, but when they occur it is important to know the right place to go. That place is Nordquist Chiropractic.

Lower back pain

Foot pain resulting from a fall or a pinched nerve