Vinny Testaverde

Retired NFL Quarterback – Age 54

As a quarterback in the NFL for twenty-one years, my body has taken a lot of abuse leaving me with chronic pain, especially in my shoulder. Although now retired from the NFL, I continue to lead an active lifestyle by working out and playing golf.When the pain in my shoulder became too much to enjoy these activities, I went to my doctor who suggested I try regenerative medicine therapy, including birth tissue stem cells, provided by New Life Regenerative Medicine. Skeptical, at first, I finally decided to move forward with the treatment and am ecstatic that I did.It has now been two months and the improvement is substantial; I am sleeping better; my golf game has improved, and the pain has substantially subsided.Overall, I would say that this treatment has improved my quality of life. Thank you,New Life, and especially thank you to the doc!

Charles Riggins

Retired NFL Player Green Bay Packers Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I want to thank you and New Life for the RESToR treatment to my right knee. Prior to the injection I was having a rough time, especially climbing the stairs. Prior to the injection I had to climb the stairs one step at a time using my left leg first. It took a few weeks,but now I’m able to walk up the steps like a normal person and I’m looking forward to being more active in the future. I appreciate you my friend.Thanks again,


Olympic Medalist and TB BUCs Special Teams, Age 24

Training for the Olympics, I was used to everyday aches and pains.However, when the pain in my elbow became too intense to ignore I chose to undergo regenerative medicine therapy. After my procedure,the pain was gone and I went on to win the Silver Medal! I feel great!


NEAL 2015 retired NFL Linebacker

“After years of in the NFL and the grueling demand of the sport, I was forced to retire due to hip issue. That issue just so happened to be associated with a hip replacement at 29 years old. New Life and their physician offered me the opportunity to receive their premium stem cell package and literally within a week the relief was amazing. Thank you SO much for that opportunity!”