By the time I learned about Regenerative Medicine, my “L” knee pain had become unbearable, negatively affected every area of my life. 1 live in a townhouse, with my bedroom being on the second floor. Once I came downstairs in the morning, I didn’t go back up the stairs until I went to bed. I had to take the stairs one at a time, always leading with my right leg. I had the Regenerative Injection on the last Saturday of July 2021, and by Monday, the acute pain was gone, and I was able to walk up the stairs normally. My knee is sore when I press on it and I notice it when I walk; however, it doesn’t stop me from walking. I was told complete healing takes between four and six months, which is understandable, and I can accept this, but only because the intense pain 1 was experiencing was alleviated within days after receiving the injection. I can’t say enough about the personnel at Nordquist Chiropractic and Regenerative Medicine and am thrilled with the results thus far from the Regenerative Injection I received.